Shake-the-Trees-DBQ#Mississippi Valley Tree Experts was founded as a professional tree care company in 1991 by Jon Kelly. Having recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology, Jon wanted to incorporate his love for trees (and the natural world) along with his science education, into a career. He became an ISA Certified Arborist that same year and tending to tree issues became the concentrated focus of this company.

We have managed a multitude of tree and shrub issues on many properties ranging from large commercial settings to small residential sites. We have encountered challenging situations in diverse environments including: golf courses, historic sites and forests. Trees’ needs can vary widely. We have assisted in everything from nursing mature trees back to a healthy condition to helping newly installed landscapes establish into vigorous, dependable assets.

Consulting our customers on the virtues of proper tree care, accurately diagnosing tree issues and providing a means to correct problems, has been the primary way we have been able to help our friends over the years. It is our passion and how we connect purposefully with our community.

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