Tree Care

Drought-DBQMuch like all of us, trees will always have their problems. At Mississippi Valley Tree Experts, Inc., we can diagnose a problem that already exists and, often times, predict a tree issue that will develop. Some insects, diseases and environmental situations can lead to tree decline and even death. Fortunately, most of these conditions can be treated successfully by our staff.

Here are a few common culprits: (Keep an eye on your trees)




-Emerald ash borer                           EAB-xy-treeage_Page_1

-Two-lined chestnut borer                 TLCB-SS_Page_1

-Bronze birch borer                           BBB_Page_1

-Japanese beetle                              jap-beetle-SS_Page_1

-Zimmerman pine moth                    TreeGeek_ZimmermanPineMoth_Page_1


-Spruce needle cast                           Rhizosphera_Page_1

-Oak wilt disease                                Oakwilt-North_Page_1

-Dutch elm disease                            ded1_Page_1

-Apple scab                                        apple-scab-SS_Page_1

-Diplodia shoot blight                           TreeGeek_DiplodiaShootBlight_Page_1

-Anthracnose                                       anthacnose-SS_Page_1

Abiotic (environmental)

-Chlorosis                                            Chlorosis_Page_1

-Drought stress                                   Drought_Page_1

-Soil compaction air-spade-improving-roots_Page_1

-Injured root                                         InjuredRoot_Page_1

-Urban tree stress                               urban-tree-stress_Page_1

Nutrition issues

-Biostimulants Bio-Stim-Sell-Sheet_Page_1

-Growth regulators (reduce growth)    ReduceGrowth_Page_1



-Emerald ash borer              EAB-xy-treeage_Page_21

-Two-lined chestnut borer    TLCB-SS_Page_21

-Bronze birch borer              BBB_Page_21

-Japanese beetle                 jap-beetle-SS_Page_21

-Zimmerman pine moth       TreeGeek_ZimmermanPineMoth_Page_2


-Spruce needle cast             Rhizosphera_Page_21

-Oak wilt disease                  Oakwilt-North_Page_21

-Dutch elm disease              ded1_Page_21

-Apple scab                          apple-scab-SS_Page_21

-Diplodia shoot blight           TreeGeek_DiplodiaShootBlight_Page_2

-Anthracnose                       anthacnose-SS_Page_21

Abiotic (environmental)

-Chlorosis                           Chlorosis_Page_21

-Drought stress             Drought_Page_21

-Soil compaction   air-spade-improving-roots_Page_21

-Injured root              InjuredRoot_Page_21

-Urban tree stress        urban-tree-stress_Page_21

Nutrition Issues

-Biostimulants Bio-Stim-Sell-Sheet_Page_2

-Growth regulators (reduce growth)    ReduceGrowth_Page_21